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When problems occur in the work place, allegations can be made that can be coupled with counter allegations, which can all snowball out of control. Typically, people assigned to conduct an ‘investigation’ are middle management, HR staff, Security or even IT, none of whom will have had any level of training or understanding of what evidence is, how to handle it or what to do when expectancies aren’t met.

Whether its an internal minor matter through to something more serious that could bring your organisation into disrepute through bad publicity or a simple failure to have adopted best practice. Organisations have found themselves in legal actions sometimes a long way after the event and can have problems if the initial matter was not handled properly.

This course is designed to protect your organisation - and those charged with conducting an investigation, who may find themselves falling foul of the rules, especially if a matter should, inadvertently or otherwise, end up being scrutinised by a court or tribunal.

Many areas are covered including:-

Whilst Statement taking can be a highly specialised skill area, we get the basics covered to send you on your way to taking professional statements from people and how to handle exhibits. The paperwork can be tedious so we share best practice on file preparation, writing a resumé and note taking. The ability to remain impartial is crucial [even though you maybe perceived to be on a ‘side’] and dealing with 3rd parties such as lawyers, Police, tribunals and the Courts is essential - you just never know where an investigation could end up so plan for the extreme and and anything less will be more than acceptable.

Whilst a predominantly low-tech course, a high tech element is introduced and we discuss some areas of technology that will prove helpful, especially when team work is required.

We can tailor this course to your organisational requirements and whilst the 1 day course provides for an excellent Foundation, we suggest the following ‘Bolt-Ons’ each being half or one day courses that may be of further use:-

By way of professional Development we also recommend the following courses:-

Internet Evidence Finder Course. Obtaining evidence from the Internet, particularly Social networking is becoming an every day occurrence for Investigators. Our IEF course ensures you will do it correctly.

Digital Crime Scene - How to preserve and handle digital storage media that may provide evidence.

Investigator Foundation

Ideal for any organisation that conducts, or may find themselves conducting an internal investigation into staff that have allegations made in respect of matters that could be disciplinary, harassment, discriminatory or even Criminal. Investigations need to be neutral and provide an outcome that protects all involved.

Information Commisioners Office


Whether it be a suspected breach of company policy, bullying, harassment, threats or Fraud, ‘Evidence’ needs to be gathered and handled correctly, communication is key and presentation is crucial.

Regardless of the level of desired outcome - written warning, through to dismissal or even referring the matter to Police, Investigators need to demonstrate impartiality and fairness to all parties. - Get it right  first time!


Why do I need to have resources in my organisation for this?

As with any organisation, when things go wrong internally you will likely have designated resource to deal with an occurrence at any level. If those resources do not act in a thorough manner, act in any favourable or improper way towards accessed or accuser, Fail to recover evidence that may corroborate or refute an allegation, then problems can occur much further down the line - not just for the investigation, but many years after.

Why can’t our professional HR resources handle these scenarios?

Whilst HR personnel will have a good working knowledge of employment regulations and procedures, without an understanding of evidence gathering and presentation and the legal requirements in these areas, they may find themselves in some difficulty during or sometime after the investigation.

What are the benefits of the Bolt-Ons?

This 1 day training course will be sufficient to send your desired resources into an investigation scenario and is designed to minimise time away from the workplace. Some elements however are sufficient to make a starft, but if given more time in these areas will embedd the important elements that may be required.

Where do you hold your courses?

We have an excellent facility near the Centre of Liverpool, but may consider holding the training at or closer to your workplace. Contact us to discuss in more detail.

Feel free to Contact us if you have anymore questions.